K-2 Steakhouse planted its roots in Bay City 30 years ago to establish a Kubeczka family tradition of signature meals served with generous portions of southern hospitality.

The cornerstone of the menu is choice Black Angus Beef hand-cut by our house butcher. We are known to serve only the best steaks, chops and chicken, and a variety of seafood platters with shrimp, catfish, oysters and stuffed crab.

Home-style lunches include turkey and dressing, chicken fried steak, and enormous burgers served with flavorful side dishes.

The centerpiece of K-2 Steakhouse is our soup and salad wagon, created from an old mail cart used during the Civil War, full of fresh garden vegetables and fruits. Guests are offered a dining experience where chefs impress you and bartenders lift your spirits, all in an atmosphere with southwestern antiques full of charm and history.